Just in case the mountain left you with energy to burn, we have 3 outdoor saltwater pools, open year round.

All of our pools are on a salt sanitation system. Salt water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system. In order to achieve this concentration, the chlorine generator uses electrolysis to break down salt (NaCl). The resulting chemical reaction eventually produces hypochlorous acid (HCIO), and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which are the sanitizing agents already commonly used in swimming pools. As such, a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine-free; it simply utilizes a chlorine generator instead of the direct addition of chlorine.

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Leisure Pool

Our leisure pool has a zero-depth entry, tumble buckets, various waterfalls, jets, and a water slide. Water slide open during summer hours only (Memorial Day to End of September).

  • 64,000 gallons, 93 degrees
  • Waterfall
  • Water features
  • Water slide
  • Zero depth entry
  • Jets

Lap Pool

The lap pool is 25 yards in length and available for lap swim during regular pool hours

  • 23,000 gallons, 80 degrees
  • 2 lanes
  • 25 yards (1 mile equals 30 laps)

Hot Tub

The hot tub is perfect place to take in the scenery after a long day of work or adventure

  • 3,000 gallons, 104 degrees
  • Seats 17 people
  • We challenge you to find a better view
Hot Tub

Safety Breaks

During the summer months, there will be a mandatory 10-minute safety break the last 10 minutes of every hour. Safety breaks start at 10:50 a.m. and will run through 4:50 p.m.

All children under the age of 12 must exit all pools. We ask that all children use the rest rooms, drink water, reapply sunscreen, and get a snack. This time also allows our Aquatics staff to ensure quality supervision and facility maintenance.